EIGHT SEASON - APRIL 8 - 23  2023

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The 2021 Festival di Pasqua will be held without audiences and performances live-streamed.
Naturally this decision emphasises our commitment to live music and culture, despite the difficulties all too evident everywhere, but it also has two negative financial side-effects: not only will we have to make do without ticket sales but there are also one-off and steep costs involved in producing and broadcasting this format of concert.
Nonetheless we have decided with conviction that all the 2021 Festival events must be made available for free.
This operation naturally comes at considerable cost, which means we need your help!
We have undertaken to raise the necessary money enlisting the help of the admirable online Crowdfunding programme “Rete del Dono”, an undisputed leader in the field of scientific, cultural and human rights support.
That is where you come in. By donating even a tiny sum of money you will automatically become our ally in this exciting and worthy cause and enlist personally alongside us in the battle to keep alive the dream of beauty and liberation in which we all believe.
The Montepulciano Easter Festival has become an annual treat for musical and art lovers alike, drawing people to one of most enchanting places in Tuscany: the town of Montepulciano, known as the “Renaissance jewel” and its surroundings. We are of the unshakeable conviction that culture and a love of beauty offer the only chance of renewal for the human race, which seems to have lost any sense of its exalted nature. More than ever, this period of dramatic global crisis cries out for an increased commitment to a belief in rebirth that Art alone can offer.
For as little as 5 euros, the minimum sum established by the internet system we use, each and every donation is of fundamental importance to us: we thank you in advance and will not stop expressing our gratitude!
Furthermore any contribution is tax deductible.

Donors at higher levels will earn special recognition:

From €20: 
Donor wall (name listed on the Festival website);

From €50:
Name listed on the Festival website;
Personal e-mail from the Director and a Festival performer;

From €100:
Name listed on the Festival website,
Personal e-mail from the Director and a Festival performer,
Personal guided tour of the Sala delle Feste (with frescoes by Andrea Pozzo) and of the Wine Cellars (built by Antonio da Sangallo the Elder) in Palazzo Contucci in Montepulciano (at a mutually agreeable date and in strict respect of the COVID rules and regulations).

Lastly, it will be our pleasure to contact anyone able to contribute more the €250 personally, in the hopes of having found not only a generous patron but also a friend.


Naturally it is possible to make a donation directly by bank transfer.

IBAN code is: IT37T0848925601000000902649



(attention: last letter is “zero”).



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